3 Tips For Ordering A Drink At The Bar

Many people find it hard to order a drink at the bar. If you don’t get the right drink then your experience at the bar may not be very pleasant. If you are unsure what to order at the bar then here are some great tips for you.

Ask questions

If you are unsure about how a particular drink will taste, you should ask questions about it to the bartender. Most bartenders would love to explain the taste to you unless they are busy. So, don’t hesitate and ask them about the taste and flavor of the drink so that you can make a decision.

Learn some terms

There are some specific terms used to describe drinks at the bar. You must know those terms. For example, ‘on the rocks’ means ‘with ice’ and ‘straight up’ means ‘without ice’. There are other terms like ‘neat’ or ‘dirty’ which you must know about.

Ask for a sample

This is the easiest way to order your drink. Simply ask the bartender for a sample so that you know exactly how it tastes. That way you will be able to order a drink that you like.

You will get various types of beers and wines at the bar. These differ in the way they are brewed or the regions in which the grapes are grown. It is better to do some research and learn the names of some popular drinks so that you don’t get into an embarrassing situation at the bar.